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Hamurwa needy children and orphans project is working as a Community Based Organization project, in accordance with Kabale District Local Government. It was set to help the needy and orphans.These children need a lot of care and help .Akampurira Robert is the project Founder.Most families in this community live under poverty line(less than 1US $) -In this community most people are jobless, not educated and don't have enough land for settlement and cultivation.

The situation in this community few families eat twice day and some children when they lack in proteins in their diet they suffer from kwashiorkor but due to the presence of this project this problem will be minimized very soon, but your help is needed.

About our Needy Children project

The orphans and needy children of Hamurwa live in very poor conditions. Most children do not sleep in a bed at night. Some children sleep on a mat on the floor and some children sleep directly on the floor.

Why do we need Support?

The Children we support have either poor guardians or no guardians and need resources to allow them to be educated. We need funds to pay the teachers , to buy books for these children, pens, pencils, uniforms, Medical care and letting them to grow knowing About Jesus. And even letting them to grow knowing their rights. Even teaching them about HIV/AIDS. And more like brankets, beddings, soap, mosquito nets................

The most thing increasing Orphans and needy children in Uganda is
HIV/AIDS and also Poverty. HIV/AIDS is the biggest global development
challenge of the time. In Uganda, AIDS has evolved from a health
burden to a serious development crisis with visible social and
economical effects on the entire society .